Suantraighe, A Collection of Celtic Lullabies

by Caera

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Suantraighe is a collection of Celtic lullabies, including traditional lullabies in Irish, Manx, and Scottish Gaelic, and in Welsh. It also includes an original lullaby Caera has written in the Irish language, and one poem from early medieval Irish literature, in Old Irish, which she has set to music with voice and harp. Full lyrics and translations are included.

This album received some small recognition (placement on the Official Ballot) from the 2008 Grammy Awards.


released November 1, 2006

All songs arranged by Caera;
“’Stóirín” translated from Amy England’s “Darlin’”,
“Bronntanais na Síóga” written and composed by Caera, music to “Suantraighe Ghráinne do Dhiarmaid” composed by Caera
(p) & © 2006 Grá is Stór (ASCAP)

Michelle Herrera plays viola and singing bowls on “Seóthín Seóthó”, and viola on “Bronntanais na Síóga.” She is a co-founder of the New England Sound Healing Research Institute –

Mayer Lipman plays recorder on "Skye Water Kelpie's Lullaby".

Cover art by Bess Libby-Shannon –

Caera’s harp was made by Muis Dreamsinger of Dreamsinger Harps –

All songs recorded by Rob Ignazio at Porter Square Studios and Sherwood Forest Recording Studio
Produced by Caera



all rights reserved


Caera Seattle, Washington

From haunting Celtic lullabies, through laments of intense grief and pain, to songs of healing and hope, Caera’s music always contains an authenticity that can be hard to find in today’s music, or even in today’s world in general. Powerful soprano vocals blend with the bell-like tones of her brass-strung Gaelic harp to create music that carries people through life, dreaming or fully awake. ... more

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Track Name: Sua Gân (Lulling Song)
Huna blentyn yn fy mynwes,

Clyd a chynnes ydyw hon;

Breichiau mam sy'n dyn am danat,

Cariad mam sy dan fy mron;

Ni cha dim amharu'th gyntun,

Ni wna undyn â thi gam;

Huna'n dawel, anwyl blentyn,

Huna'n fwyn ar fron dy fam.

Huna'n dawel, heno, huna,

Huna'n fwyn, y tlws ei lun;

Pam yr wyt yn awr yn gwenu,

Gwenu'n dirion yn dy hun?

Ai angylion fry sy'n gwenu,

Arnat ti yn gwenu'n llon,

Tithau'n gwenu'n ol dan huno,

Huno'n dawel ar fy mron?

Paid ag ofni, dim ond deilen

Gura, gura ar y ddôr;

Paid ag ofni, ton fach ddiddig

Sua, sua ar lan y môr;

Huna blentyn, nid oes yma

Ddim i roddi iti fraw;

Gwena'n dawel yn fy mynwes

Ar yr engyl gwynion draw.

Sleep child, on my bosom
Wrapped warm on my breast
You mother’s arms tight around you
And your mother’s love from beneath her breast
Nothing can come between us
No one will harm you
Sleep quietly, dearest child
Sleep gently on your mother’s breast

Sleep quietly; tonight, sleep
Sleep gently, a pretty picture
Why are you now smiling
With a gentle smile within yourself?
Is it angels above smiling
On you happily smiling
And you smiling back at them in your sleep
Gently sleeping on my breast?

Don’t be frightened, it’s only a leaf
Knocking, knocking on the door
Don’t be frightened, it’s a busy little wave
Crooning and humming by the seaside
Sleep child, there isn’t anything
Here to cause you fear
Smile gently on my bosom
At the white angel over there
Track Name: Ushag Veg Ruy (Little Red Bird)
Ushag veg ruy ny moanee doo
Moanee doo, moanee doo
Ushag veg ruy ny moanee doo
C’raad chaddil oo riyr ‘syn oie?

Nagh chaddil mish riyr er baare y crouw
Baare y crouw, baare y crouw
Lesh fliaghey tuittym er dagh cheu
As ogh! My chadley cha treih

Nagh chaddil mish riyr er baare y dress
Baare y dress, baare y dress
Tra va’n gheay sheidey v’ey gymmyrkey lhee
As ogh! My chadley cha treih

Nagh chaddil mish riyr er baare y tonn
Baare y tonn, baare y tonn
Myr shimmey mac dooinney cadley roym
As ogh! My chadley cha treih

Chaddil mish riyr eddyr daa ghuillag
Eddyr daa ghuillag, eddyr daa ghuillag
Myr cadley yn oikan er keeagh y vummig
As O! my chadley cha kiune

Little Red Bird

Little red bird of the black peat ground
Black peat ground, black peat ground
Little red bird of the black peat ground
Where did you sleep last night?

Did I not sleep last night on the top of the bush
On the top of the bush, on the top of the bush
With rain falling on every side
And oh! wretched was my sleep

Did I not sleep last night on the top of the briar…
While the wind was blowing all around
And oh! wretched was my sleep

Did I not sleep last night on top of the wave…
Where many a man’s son slept before me
And oh! wretched was my sleep

I slept last night between two leaves…
As the baby sleeps on the breast of the mother
And oh! my sleep was good
Track Name: Seothín Seó (Shoheen Sho)
Seóthín seó, seó ló. Seóthín seó, ‘is tú mo leanbh.
Seóthín seó, seó ló. La la ló, ‘is tú mo leanbh.

Seóthín seó, seó ló – These don’t translate directly to English. They are common in Irish lullabies and children’s songs, intended to soothe the listener (and singer).
‘is tú mo leanbh = and you are my child
Track Name: The Great Selchie
An earthly nurse sits and sings
An aye she sings by lily wean,
“Little ken A ma bairn’s faither
Faur less the lan at he bydes in.”
He cam ae nicht tae her bed fit
An a girnin guest A’m shair wes he
Sayin “Here am A, yer bairn’s faither,
Tho A micht nae sonsie be.”
“A am a man upon the lan,
A am a selchie ben the sea,
An whan A’m fuar and lang frae lan,
Ma hame it is in Sule Skerrie.”
An he haes taen a pootch o gowd,
An he haes pit it on her knee
Sayin, “Gie tae me ma wee laddie,
An tak ye nou yer nurse’s fee.”
“Wull come tae pass ae simmer day,
Whan sun glents bricht on ilka stane,
A’ll awa an fesh ma laddie,
An learn him hou tae soom the faem.”
“An ye wull marrie a gunner guid,
An a richt braw gunner A ken he’ll be,
An the formaist shot at ivver he shoots,
Wull kill baith ma wee bairn an me.”
Track Name: Skye Water Kelpie's Lullaby
A Mhór a ghaoil! A Mhór a shògh!
Till gu d’mhacan is gheabh thu’m bradan breac o’n loch.
A Mhór a shògh! Tha’n oiche nochd
Gu fliuch frasach aig mo mhacsa ri sgath chnocain.
A Mhór a ghaoil! A Mhór a shògh!
Gun teine, gun tuar, gun fhasgadh, is tu sìor chòineadh.
A Mhór a ghaoil! A Mhór a shògh!
Mo sheana-chab liath ri do bheul beag baoth is mi seinn phort dhuit am Beinn Frochdaidh.

Mór, my love! Mór, my treasure!
Come back to your little son and you will get a speckled trout from the lake.
Mór, my darling! Tonight the night
Is wetly showering my son on the shelter of a knoll.
Mór, my love! Mór, my treasure!
Lacking fire, lacking food, lacking shelter, and you continually lamenting.
Mór, my love! Mór, my darling!
My gray, old, toothless mouth to your silly little mouth, and me singing tunes by Ben Frochkie.
Track Name: Súantraí (Seóthín Seóthó) [Lullaby (Shoheen Shoho)]
Seóthín, seóthó, mo stóirín, mo leanbh,
Mo sheoid gan chealg, mo chuid den tsaol mhór.
Seóthín, seóthó, nach mór é a taithneamh,
Mo stóirín ina leaba, ‘na chodladh gan brón.
A leanbh mo chléibh, go n-éiri do chodladh leat,
Séan agus sonas a choice ‘do chomhair.
Seo beannacht Mhic Dé agus téagar a Bhuime leat.
Téir a chodladh gan bíogadh go ló.

Ar mhullach a tSí tá síoga geala,
Fá chaoinré an earraigh ag imirt a spóirt
Seo iad aniar chun glaoch ar mo leanbh
Le mian é a tharraing isteach sa Lios Mór.
Goirm thú, a chroí! Ní bhfaighidh said do mhealladh
Le brí a gcleas, ná le binneas a gceol.
Tá mise led’ thaobh ag guí ort na mbeannacht,
Seóthín, a leanbh, ní imeoidh tú leo.

Os comhair mo lao go míochair ceanúil,
Tá dílroisc aingeal ag faire ina threo,
Le mórghrá dian á’ iarraidh chun bealaigh
Mar b’aoibhne Flaithis dá rachadh sé leo.
A stór mo chroí, luigh siar i do leaba,
Le taobh do mhama is ea fhanfair go fóill.
Ní mór liom ag Día mo shiamsa ‘gus m’aiteas,
Mo ríocht ar talamh i dteannta mo bhróid.

Seóthín, seóthó, my treasure, my child,
My jewel with no flaw, my own in the great world.
Seóthín, seóthó, isn’t it a great pleasure,
My little treasure in his bed, asleep without sadness.
Child of my bosom, have a good sleep,
Good fortune and happiness be yours forever.
This is the son of God’s blessing and the comfort of his mother for you.
Go to sleep without stirring ‘til day.

On top of the fairy hill are bright fairies
Under a soft, spring moon playing and sporting.
Here they are from the west to call for my child
Wishing to draw him into the great ringfort.
I call you, my heart! They won’t entice you
With the strength of their tricks or the sweetness of their music.
I am at your side, blessing you,
Seóthín, child, you won’t leave with them.

In front of my calf [child] with loving tenderness
The kind eyes of angels are watching over him
With intense great love wanting him to go their way
Because Heaven would be more delightful if he went with them.
Treasure of my heart, lie back in your bed,
By your mommy’s side you will stay a while yet.
I’m grateful to God for my amusement and my pleasure,
My kingdom on earth with my pride and joy.
Track Name: Arrane Ben Drogh Hraghtalagh (A Smuggler's Wife's Song)
Jeeagh quoi to cheet! T’an Ferny Keeshyn
(Chaddil oo my Laala!)
Shirraghey son ushteybio ny feeyney.
(Chaddil oo my Laala!)

Oghene, lhiannoo meein,
(Chaddil oo my Laala!)

Hig yn Fer thie ‘sy thie anmagh...
As cha bee noiraanaght echey...

Cuin vees ny Sostynee cheet orrin...
Cha vow ad rederbee meereiltagh...

Lhig daue shirr ayns thie ny baatey...
Beggan aynjee nish agh sceddan!

The Smuggler’s Wife's Song

See the excise men coming
(Sleep my little baby)
They’ll be seeking wine and whiskey
(Sleep my little baby)

Oh, my dear child
Sleep my little baby

Daddy’s late and we must warn him
This time he’ll have nothing illegal

The Englishmen may board us
They’ll find nothing wrong

Let them search the houseboat
There’s little in there now but herrings.
Track Name: Dún do Shúile (Close Your Eyes)
Dún do shúile, a rún mo chroí
A chuid den tsaol, ‘s a ghrá liom
Dún do shúile, a rún mo chroí
Is gheobhair féirín amárach

Tá do dhaid ag tíocht gan mhoill ón chnoc
Agus cearca fraoigh ina láimh leis
Codail go ciúin a lao ‘s a chuid
Is gheobhair féirín amárach

Tá an samhradh ag triall le grian ‘is teas
Is duilliúr glas ar na phrátaí
Tá an ghaoth ag tíocht go fial aneas
Is gheobhaimid iasc amárach

Tá an chéis lán-ramhar i gcomhair an chíos
Tá an gamhainín borb rábach
Beidh siad i dtiúin don aonach mhór
Is gheobhaimid plúr i dTrá Lí

Close your eyes, love of my heart
My own in the world and my own love
Close your eyes, love of my heart
And you’ll get a present tomorrow

Your daddy is coming quickly from the hill
With a heather hen in his hands
Sleep softly, my darling and my own
And you’ll get a present tomorrow

The summer is coming with sun and warmth
And green leaves on the potatoes
The wind blows generously from the south
And we’ll get fish tomorrow

The young pig is fattened up for rent
The little calf is headstrong and vigorous
They’ll be ready for the big fair
And we’ll get flour in Tralee
Track Name: Do Chuirfinnse Féin (I Myself Would Put)
Do chuirfinnse féin mo leanbh a chodladh
Is ní mar do chuirfeadh mná na mbodach
Faoi shúisín bhuí ná a mbraillín bharraigh
Ach i gcliabhán óir is an ghaoth á bhogadh

Do chuirfinnse féin mo leanbh a chodladh
Lá breá gréine idir dhá Nollaig
I gcliabhán óir ar úrlár shocair
Faoi bharra na gcraobh is an ghaoth á bhogadh

Codail a linbh is chodladh slán duit
Is as do chodladh go dtugair tú do shláinte.
Nár bhuaile treighid ná greim an bháis tú,
Galar na leanbh, ná’n bholgach ghránna.

Codail a linbh is chodladh slán duit
Is as do chodladh go dtugair do shláinte
As do smaointe do chroí nár chráitear
Is nár ba bean gan mac do mháthair

Seo hín seó, huil leó leó
Seo hín seó, is tú mo leanbh
Seo hín seó, huil leó leó
Seo hín seó is as tú mo leanbh

I would put my own child to sleep
And not in the way of wives of louts
Under a yellow blanket or a sheet of tow
But in a golden cradle and the wind rocking it

I would put my own child to sleep
One bright day between two Decembers
In a golden cradle on a quiet floor
Under the branches of trees, and the wind rocking it

Sleep child, and sleep safe
And may your sleep bring you health
May colic and death not strike you
Nor childhood disease nor ugly smallpox

Sleep child, and sleep safe
And may your sleep bring you health
May your deep thoughts not torment your heart
And may your mother not be a sonless woman

Sho heen sho, il lo lo
Sho heen sho, and you are my child
Sho heen sho, il lo lo
Sho heen sho, and you are my child
Track Name: 'Stóirín (Darlin')
Aon, dó, trí, A,B,C, tá tú ag aithrú mé
‘Stóirín, ‘stóirín, ‘stóirín
Bhí mé i m’ aonar, anois tá mé i mo mháthair
Mo stóirín, ‘stóirín, ‘stóirín

Ná caoin, mo ghráín
Cuachfaidh mé le m’ ucht thú féin chun maidin

Tá an oíche anseo, a pheata. Taispeánann na réalta.
‘Stóirín, ‘stóirín, ‘stóirín
Scréachann ulcabhán “Scréach scréach” do ‘chuile amhain.
‘Stóirín, ‘stóirín, ‘stóirín

Ná caoin, mo ghráín
Cuachfaidh mé le m’ ucht thú féin chun maidin

Tagann grian ar maidin. ‘Stóirín, beidh spraoi againn.
‘Stóirín, ‘stóirín, ‘stóirín
‘Stóirín, ‘stóirín, ‘stóirín

Aon, dó, trí, A,B,C, tá tú ag aithrú mé

As written by Amy England:
One, two, three, A, B, C, Look how you’re changing me
Darlin’, darlin’, darlin’
Once I was one, than met two, now we’re three
My darlin’, darlin’, darlin’.
Don’t you cry, my sleepy pie.
I will hold you tight as the evening falls.
Night is here, Little Dear. Moon and the stars appear.
Darlin’, darlin’, darlin’
As night falls hoot owl calls hoo hoo to one and all
Darlin’, darlin’, darlin’
Don’t you cry, my sleepy pie.
I will draw you nigh as the morning comes.
Morning sun, Little One, think of the fun to come.
Darlin’, darlin’, darlin’
Darlin’, darlin’, darlin’
 One, two, three, A, B, C, Look how you’re changing me.
Track Name: Hó Abháín
Hó abháín, hó abháín, hó abháín mo ghrá
Hó abháín mo leanbh, agus codail go lá
Hó abháín mo leanbh, hó abháín mo lean’
Hó abháín mo leanbh, go moch a bhóbó

Agus d’imigh do mhaime le tilleadh trá
Agus níl fhios ‘am beo ce hí

Hó abháín my love
Hó abháín my child, and sleep until day
Hó abháín my child, hó abháín my little child
Hó abháín my child, early little baby

And your mama’s gone back to the sea
And I’ll never know who she is
Track Name: Suantraighe Ghráinne Do Dhiarmuid
Codail begán begán beg
úair ní hegail duit a bheg
a ghille dia ttardus seirc
a mhic Í Dhuibhne a Dhiarmaid

Codail-si sunn go sáimh
a Í Dhuibhne a Dhiarmaid áin
do dhen-sa t’foraire dhe
a mheic Í dhealbhdha Dhuibhne

Codail begán beannocht fort
os uisge tobráin trenghort
a úanáin uachtoir locha
do bhrú tíre trénsrotha

Rob ionann is codhladh thes
Dediduigh na n-aird-éiges
da ttug ingen Mhorainn bhúain
tar cenn Conoill ón Craobhrúaidh

Rob ionann is chodhladh thúaidh
Finnchaibh fincháoimh Eassa Rúaidh
da ttug Sláine ségha rinn
tar cenn Fhailbhe chodat-chinn

Rob ionann is chodhladh thíar
Áine inghine Gáilían
fecht do luidh ceim fo trilis
la Dubhthach ó Dhoirinis

Rob ionann is chodhladh thoir
Dhegadh dhána dhiumaraigh
da ttuc Coinchenn inghean Bhinn
tair cenn Dechill déin Dubhrinn

A chró goile ierthair Ghrég
anana go t’forchomhéad
moighfidh mo chrodheisi acht ruaill
monad faicthear ré henúair

Ar sgaradh ar ndís male
is sgaradh leinb áonbhaile
is sgaradh cuirp re hanmain
a laoích locha fionn-Charmain

Leigfidhear Caoinche ar do lorg
rith Caoilti ní ba hanord
nach ad táin bás na brocudh
noch ad léig a siorchodhladh

Ní codail in damh so soir
ní sguirionn do bhúirfedhaighú
cía bheith um dhoiribh na lon
ni fuil na meanmhuin codladh

Ní codail in eilit mháol
ag buirfedhaigh fo brecláoch
do ghní rith tar barraibh tor
ní dhén na hadbhaidh codal

Ní codail in chaoínche bhras
os barraibh na ccrand ccaomhchas
is glórac atathor ann
gidhbe an smólach ní chodhlann

Ní codail in lach lán
maith a lathor re degh-snámh
ni dhéin súan no sáimhe ann
ina hadbhaidh ní chodhlann

Anocht ní chodail in gerg
os fráochaibh anfaidh imaird
binn foghar a gotha gloin
eidir srothaibh ní chodail

Sleep a little, little, little
For thou needst not fear the least
Lad to whom I have given love
Son of Ó Duibhne, Diarmaid

Sleep thou soundly here,
Offspring of Duibhne, noble Diarmaid:
I will watch over thee the while,
Son of shapely Ó Duibhne

Sleep a little, a blessing on thee!
Above the water of the spring of Trénghart,
Little lamb of the land above the lake,
From the womb of the country of strong torrents.

Be it even as the sleep in the south
Of Dedidach of the high poets,
When he took the daughter of ancient Morann
In spite of Conall from the Red Branch.

Be it even as the sleep in the north
Of fair comely Finnchadh of Assaroe,
When he took stately Sláine
In spite of Failbhe Hardhead.

Be it even as the sleep in the west
Of Áine daughter of Gailian,
What time she fared by torchlight
With Dubhthach from Doirinis.

Be it even as the sleep in the east
Of Degha gallant and proud,
When he took Coinchenn daughter of Binn
In spite of fierce Dechill of Duibhreann.

O fold of valour of the world west of Greece,
Over whom I stay watching,
My heart will well-nigh burst
If I see thee not at any time

The parting of us twain
Is the parting of children of one home,
Is the parting of body with soul,
Hero of bright Loch Carmain.

Caoinche will be loosed on thy track:
Caoilte’s running will not be amiss:
Never may death or dishonour reach thee,
Never leave thee in lasting sleep.

The stag eastward sleepeth not,
Ceaseth not from bellowing:
Though he be in the groves of the blackbirds,
It is not in his mind to sleep.

The hornless doe sleepeth not,
Bellowing for her spotted calf:
She runs over the tops of bushes,
She does not sleep in her lair.

The lively linnet sleepeth not
In the tops of the fair-curved trees:
It is a noisy time there,
Even the thrush does not sleep.

The duck of numerous brood sleepeth not,
She is well prepared for good swimming:
She maketh neither rest nor slumber there,
In her lair she does not sleep.

Tonight the grouse sleepeth not
Up in the stormy heaths of the height:
Sweet is the sound of her clear cry:
Between the streamlets she does not sleep.
Track Name: Bronntanais Na Síóga (Gifts of the Fairies)
Tá na síóga a’ rince timpeall do chliabhán chun coimirce a’ thabhairt dhuit.
Tá na síóga a’ rince timpeall do chliabhán chun bronntanais a’ thabhairt dhuit.

Is feidir go ngortfaidh daoine thú, ‘s do cholann sobhriste bheag
Ach beidh neart agat is leigheasfaigh tú go tapadh

Is feidir go mbeidh am nuair nach n-éistfidh éinne leat
Ach lá amháin beidh glór ‘ad ag dul istigh i gcroí gach duine á chloisteal

Is feidir go mbeidh tú gan baile nó cairde lá amhain
Ach cloisfidh tú ar gceol, ‘is beidh fhios ‘ad nach mbeidh tú leat féin

Is feidir trí na cruatain seo nach ngéilfidh tú roimh gruaim
Ach gheobhaidh tú séan is sonas i gceol ‘s i ndúchas i gconaí

Is feidir go mian leat a bheidh pairteach den damhsa na síóga
Ach beidh fhios agat cén fath go bhfuil tú pairteach sa domhan seo

The fairies are dancing around your cradle to give you protection
The fairies are dancing around your cradle to give you gifts

It’s possible people will hurt you and your fragile, little body
But you will have strength and will heal quickly

It’s possible there will be a time when no one will listen to you
But one day you will have a voice that touches the heart of everyone who hears it

It’s possible one day you will be homeless and without friends
But you will hear our music, and you will know you’re not alone

It’s possible through these hardships you will not give in to depression
But you will always find joy and prosperity in music and in nature

It’s possible you will wish to join our dance [and be a fairy]
But you will know why you are part of this world