Double Spiral Gate (37, 65)

from by Caera



This is from an eighth century Irish poem known as "The Lament of the Old Woman of Beare".

The language here is Old Irish, an early medieval version of the Gaelic languages and a common ancestor language to modern Irish, Manx, and Scottish Gaelic.


Tonn tuili
ocus ind aile aithbi áin:
a ndo-beir tonn tuili dait
beirid tonn aithbi as do láim

Tonn tuili
ocus ind aile aithbe:
dom-áncatarsa uili
conda éolach a n-aithgni

The flood-wave
and that of swift ebb
what the flood-wave brings you
the ebb-wave carries away.

The flood-wave
and that second wave which is ebb:
all have come to me
so that I know and control them.

approximate pronunciation:
tohn TILL-i
AH-kus inth ALL-a AHTH-vee ahn
ah NO-vayr tohn TILL-i dod
BAYR-ith tohn AHTH-vi as do lawv

tohn TILL-i
AH-kus inth ALL-a AHTH-va
dov AHN-ka-tar-sa WILL-i
CON-tha AY-a-lokh a NAHTH-nyee


from _A Circle of Stones_ audio, released December 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Caera Seattle, Washington

From haunting Celtic lullabies, through laments of intense grief and pain, to songs of healing and hope, Caera’s music always contains an authenticity that can be hard to find in today’s music, or even in today’s world in general. Powerful soprano vocals blend with the bell-like tones of her brass-strung Gaelic harp to create music that carries people through life, dreaming or fully awake. ... more

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