Inner Flame (p 36, 67)

from by Caera



This is a prayer that Erynn wrote herself, and I translated it to modern Irish. This one is a bit different in the new edition (2012) than in the previous edition (1995).


Go gcosnaí na tinte fhaire Theamhair muid trínár n-oibre
Go ndó na tinte rabhaidh Theamhair agus go dtreoraí iad muid tríd na scáileanna
Go lasa na tinte ceannasach Theamhair ionainn, agus go gceanglaí iad muid leis na déithe.

Let the watch-fires of Tara guard us in our work
Let the signal-fires of Tara burn to guide us through the shadows
Let the sovereign fires of Tara spark within and link us to the Gods.

approximate pronunciation (for Conamara modern Irish):
go GOSS-nee na CHIN-cha AHR-a HEH-wer mwidge TREE-nar NIGH-breh
go no na CHIN-cha RAW-a HEH-wer AH-gus go DROR-ee EE-ud mwidge treedj na SCALL-a-na
go LAH-sa na CHIN-cha CYAHN-a-sakh HEH-wer IN-an, AH-gus go GYAN-glee EE-ud mwidge lesh na JAY-ha


from _A Circle of Stones_ audio, released December 7, 2012
Original prayer written by Erynn Rowan Laurie
Irish translation, pronunciation guide, and vocal recitation by Caera



all rights reserved


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