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by Caera

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These are sound recordings of the prayers in the book _A Circle of Stones_ by Erynn Rowan Laurie (www.immanion-press.com/info/book.asp?id=430&referer=none&currencyCode=USD#book).

Erynn asked me to make sound files because I can read each of the Gaelic languages that appear in the book, and many of her fans and readers are not able to read these languages, but wish to learn.

The page numbers listed here correspond to the new edition of _A Circle of Stones_ published by Megalithica Books in 2012. For those who have the 1995 edition of the book, most of the prayers are the same or similar, but the page numbers may be different. The order, however, should be the same.

I will say now that these recordings are not perfect. I have made notes for each track in which obvious errors have occurred, and how to correct them. I am still making them available, as they are, because they can still help people as they are.

Remember that in some cases, making mistakes is a necessary part of learning. Especially remember that as you are learning yourself.


released December 7, 2012

The book _A Circle of Stones_ was written by Erynn Rowan Laurie.
The prayers in the book are recited here in various Gaelic languages by Caera.
Recording/engineering by Doug Barrett.



all rights reserved


Caera Seattle, Washington

From haunting Celtic lullabies, through laments of intense grief and pain, to songs of healing and hope, Caera’s music always contains an authenticity that can be hard to find in today’s music, or even in today’s world in general. Powerful soprano vocals blend with the bell-like tones of her brass-strung Gaelic harp to create music that carries people through life, dreaming or fully awake. ... more

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Track Name: Gate of Divine Mysteries, p 31
Ailiu iath nErend
Ermach muir mothuch

Mothach sliagh sreathach

Srethach coill ciothach

Ciothach ab essach
Eassach loch lionmar

Liondmar tor tiopra
Tiopra tuath aenaigh
Aenach righ Temra
Teamair tor tuatha

Tuatha mac Míled

Míledh long, libern

Libern ard, Ere
Ere ard, diclass
Dichteal rogaeth

Ro gaes ban Breisi
Breisi, ban Buaigni
Be abdal Ere
Eremhon ortus

Ír, Eber ailsius
Ailiu iath nErenn

approximate pronunciation:
ALL-yoo EE-ath NAYR-enth
AIR-mahkh mweer MOTH-ukh
MOTH-ukh SHLEE-ugh SHREH-thahkh
SHREH-thahkh kill KEE-ah-thahkh
KEE-ah-thahkh ab ESS-ahkh
ESS-ahkh lokh LEE-on-var
LEE-on-var tor TEE-a-pra
TEE-a-pra TOO-ath EH-nahkh
EH-nahkh reegh TEV-ra
TEV-er tor TOO-a-tha
TOO-a-tha mac MEE-leth
MEE-leth long, LIV-ern
LIV-ern ard, AYR-a
AYR-a ard, DI-glass
DIKH-tal ro-GI’TH
ro gi’s, ban BRAY-shee
BRAY-shee, ban BOO-ugh-nyee
bay AV-thal AYR-a
AYR-e-von OR-tus
eer, EH-ver AHL-shiu
ALL-yoo EE-ath NAYR-en

I invoke the land of Ireland,
Much-coursed be the fertile sea,
Fertile be the fruit-strewn mountains,
Fruit-strewn be the showery wood,
Showery be the river of waterfalls,
Of waterfalls be the lake of the deep pools,
Deep-pooled be the hill-top well
A well of tribes be the assembly,
An assembly of kings be Tara,
Tara be a hill of the tribes,
The tribes of the sons of Míl,
Of Míl of the ships, the barks,
Let the lofty bark be Ireland,
Lofty Ireland, darkly sung,
An incantation of great cunning,
The great cunning of the wives of Bres,
The wives of Bres, of Buaigne;
The great lady Ireland,
Eremon hath conquered her,
Ír, Eber have invoked for her,
I invoke the land of Ireland.
Track Name: Inner Flame (p 36, 67)
Go gcosnaí na tinte fhaire Theamhair muid trínár n-oibre
Go ndó na tinte rabhaidh Theamhair agus go dtreoraí iad muid tríd na scáileanna
Go lasa na tinte ceannasach Theamhair ionainn, agus go gceanglaí iad muid leis na déithe.

Let the watch-fires of Tara guard us in our work
Let the signal-fires of Tara burn to guide us through the shadows
Let the sovereign fires of Tara spark within and link us to the Gods.

approximate pronunciation (for Conamara modern Irish):
go GOSS-nee na CHIN-cha AHR-a HEH-wer mwidge TREE-nar NIGH-breh
go no na CHIN-cha RAW-a HEH-wer AH-gus go DROR-ee EE-ud mwidge treedj na SCALL-a-na
go LAH-sa na CHIN-cha CYAHN-a-sakh HEH-wer IN-an, AH-gus go GYAN-glee EE-ud mwidge lesh na JAY-ha
Track Name: Double Spiral Gate (37, 65)
Tonn tuili
ocus ind aile aithbi áin:
a ndo-beir tonn tuili dait
beirid tonn aithbi as do láim

Tonn tuili
ocus ind aile aithbe:
dom-áncatarsa uili
conda éolach a n-aithgni

The flood-wave
and that of swift ebb
what the flood-wave brings you
the ebb-wave carries away.

The flood-wave
and that second wave which is ebb:
all have come to me
so that I know and control them.

approximate pronunciation:
tohn TILL-i
AH-kus inth ALL-a AHTH-vee ahn
ah NO-vayr tohn TILL-i dod
BAYR-ith tohn AHTH-vi as do lawv

tohn TILL-i
AH-kus inth ALL-a AHTH-va
dov AHN-ka-tar-sa WILL-i
CON-tha AY-a-lokh a NAHTH-nyee
Track Name: Danu (p 39)
Co i bhain-tighearna bhinn,
am bun an tuim
am beul an tuim?

Bain-tighearna bhinn
Bhaindidh mhin.

Who is she the melodious Lady,
at the base of the knoll,
at the mouth of the wave?

Melodious lady
A Goddess in loveliness.

approximate pronunciation:
Koh ee vahn-CHEERna vin
am bun an tim
am bail an tim?

Bahn-CHEER-na vin
Vahn-JEE vin
Track Name: Wind (p 41, 47, 53, 59)
Gaoth an iar iasg is aran;
Gaoth a tuath fuachd is feannadh;
Gaoth an ear sneachd air beannaibh;
Gaoth a deas meas air crannaibh.

Wind from the west, fish and bread;
Wind from the north, cold and flaying;
Wind from the east, snow on the hills;
Wind from the south, fruit on trees.

approximate pronunciation:
goo an ear ee-usk is A-ran;
goo a TOO-a FOO-ahkh is FAN-na
goo an err shnawk air BAN-iv
goo a jahss mahs air CRAN-iv

One additional pronunciation note:
The 'oo' sound in "gaoth" (the word for "wind" at the beginning of each line) is not exactly like 'oo' in English (like in the word "too"). It is a sound that has no exact equivalent in English. Try to make an English 'oo' sound, but without rounding your lips. The rounding happens in the roof of your mouth, not your lips. It may take practice, but that is what to aim for.
Track Name: Lia Fáil (p 43)
An cloch forsttád mo di sáil,
uaithe raiter Inis Fáil:
Etir da triagh tuile tinn
Magh fáil uile for Eirinn.

The stone on which my heels stand,
From it is named Inis Fal
Between two strands of a mighty flood
All Ireland is called the Plain of FaI.

approximate pronunciation:
ahn clokh FOR-stath mo di hall
OO-a-tha RAH-der IN-ish fall
AYD-er da HREE-agh TILL-eh tin
MAHG fahl WILL-eh for AIR-in
Track Name: Sacred Land (p 45)
Coic urranna hErenn
etir muir agus tir
Addeoch-sa na coem canle
cacha cóicid díb

The five parts of Ireland
between sea and land
I entreat the fair candles
of every province among them

approximate pronunciation:
KOH-ik UR-a-na HAIR-en
ED-ir mweer AH-gus teer
ATH-yokh-sa na cove CAHN-leh
CAHKH-a KOH-ig-ith deev
Track Name: Spear of Lugh (p 49)
Agus Lugh caomh-gheal, cro-gheal, cra-gheal,
Ga do dhiona, ga do chaomhna, ga do charamh
Le treuin a laimhe, le nimh a ghaise,
Fo sgaile drilleanach a sgeith.

And may Lugh kind-white, strong-white, red-white
Preserve thee, protect thee, provide for thee,
With the might of his hand, with the point of his spear,
Under the shade of his shimmering shield.

approximate pronunciation:
AH-gus Loo KOOV-yal, KROH-yal, KRAW-yal,
ga do YEE-ana, ga do KHOOV-na, ga do KHAR-uv
le train a LAW-va, le niv a GHAH-sha,
foh SGOL-la DRILL-a-nawkh a sgay
Track Name: Endless Sky (p 51)
Is tu grian nan neamha,
Is tu gile nan speura,
Is tu reul agus ceuma
Nam faontrach.

Thou art the sun of the heavens,
Thou art the moon of the skies,
Thou art the star and the path
Of the wanderers.

approximate pronunciation:
is too GREE-an nahn NEV-a,
is too GEE-la nahn SPAYR-a,
is too rail AH-gus KAY-ma
nam FOON-trawkh
Track Name: Sword of Nuada (p 55)
Claidheamh gheur, ghlan,
Gun smal, gun smur,
Gun sal, gun sur,
Gun mhur, gun mheirg.

A sword keen, true
Without stain, without dust,
Without smear, without flaw,
Without grime, without rust.

approximate pronunciation:
KLAH-iv ghair, ghlahn,
guhn small, guhn smur,
guhn sahl, guhn sir,
guhn ver, guhn VAYR-ig
Track Name: Eternal Sea (p 51)
Muir mor, muir glas
Neart mara, neart cuain,
Naoi tobraiche Mhic-a-Lir

Great wave, green wave,
Strength of sea, strength of ocean
The nine wells of Mac Lir

approximate pronunciation:
mweer mor, mweer glahss,
nyayrt MAH-ra, nyayrt KOO-an,
nee TOE-brahkh-a VIC-a-leer
Track Name: Coire Ansic (p 61)
Ara-caun Coire Sofhis
sernar dliged cach dáno
dia moiget moin
móras cach ceird coitchiunn
con-utaing duine dán

I acclaim the Cauldron of Knowledge
where the law of every art is set out
which makes prosperity
which magnifies every artist
which exalts a person by means of art

approximate pronunciation:
SHER-nar DLEE-yeth kawkh DAH-no
DEE-a MOY-ghed MO-in
MOR-as kawkh kayrd KOHD-khyun
con OO-dahng DIN-ya dawn
Track Name: Bile (p 63)
In fial fortail, arcech fintóir,
In slíab dergóir,
In dorr bítnes dronga,
Don chlár chathbath.

The munificent lord of every success,
The mountain of red gold.
The tree which wards the multitudes
Off the death-battle plain.

Approximate pronunciation:
in FEE-al FOR-dal, AR-kekh FIN-door
in SHLEE-av DEH-rug-or
in door BEED-nesh DRON-ga
don khlar KHAHTH-vahth
Track Name: Gate of Divine Mysteries (p 69)
Am goeth i muir
am tonn trethain
am fuaim mara
am dam setir
am seg for aill
am der greine
am cain luba
am torc an gail
am eo i lindibh
am loch i maigh
am brigh dana
am gai la fodb feras feachta
am dae delbus do chind cotnu
Coiche notglen clochar siebe?
Cia du i luidh fúinedh greiniu?
Cia seacht siecht gan eccla?
Cia non dogar eassa uissci?
Cia ber a buar o tigh Teathra?
Cia buar Tethrach tibide?
Cia doen, cia dia, dealbus faebra andiond?
Indiond ailes cainte:
Dichain tothlach, diales fedha,
fodhail coblach, cachain aille,
ailiside sieas coimes cainte,
cainte gaith.

I am a wind on the sea
I am a wave of the ocean
I am the roar of the sea
I am a powerful stag
I am a hawk on a cliff
I am a dewdrop in the sunshine
I am the most delicate of herbs
I am a boar for valor
I am a salmon in a pool
I am a lake in a plain
I am the strength of art
I am a spear with spoil waging battle
I am a God who shapes fire for a head
Who clears the stony places in the mountains?
In what place lies the setting of the sun?
Who has sought peace without fear seven times?
Who names the waterfalls?
Who brings the cattle from the house of Tethra?
On whom do the cattle of Tethra smile?
What person, what God
Forms weapons in a fort?
In a fort that nourishes satirists,
Chants a petition, divides the ogham letters,
Separates a fleet, has sung praises,
Weighs chants and invocations
Sings enchantments for spears.

approximate pronunciation:
ahm goeth i mweer
ahm tohn TREH-thun
ahm FOO-um MAR-a
ahm dahv SHEH-dir
ahm shegh for all
ahm der GRAIN-ya
ahm cahn LOO-va
ahm torg an gahl
ahm yo i LIN-thiv
ahm lohkh i mahgh
ahm breegh DAH-na
ahm guy la FOH-thav FAIR-as FAY-ukh-ta
ahm day DELL-vus do khinth COD-noo
KWEE-kha NOD-ghlen KLO-khar SHAY-va
KEE-a du i LOO-ith FOO-neth GRAY-nyu
KEE-a shahkht shehkht gahn EK-la
KEE-a non DO-ghar ESS-a ISH-kee
KEE-a bayr a BOO-ar o teegh TEH-thra
KEE-a BOO-ar TEH-thrahkh TIH-vi-tha
KEE-a DO-an, KEE-a DEE-a, DEL-vus FAY-vra AHN-thee-onth
IN-thee-onth AH-less KAHN-deh
DEE-khahn TOE-thlahkh, DYAL-es FEH-tha
FOH-thal KOH-vlahkh, KAHKH-an AHL-a
AHL-shith-a SHAY-us KOH-veth KAHN-da
KAHN-da gaith
Track Name: addressing Danu (p78), modern Irish
A Dhanu, a Bhan-tiarna! A Dhanu, mo Bhandia!

Danu, Lady! Danu, my Goddess!

ah GHAH-noo, a vahn-TCHEER-na, ah GHAH-noo, muh vahn-JEE-ah
Track Name: addressing Danu (p 78), Old Irish
A Dhanu, a Bhan-tiarna! A Dhanu, mo Bhandia!

Danu, Lady! Danu, my Goddess!

ah THAH-noo, a vahn-TCHEER-na, ah THAH-noo, muh vahn-JEE-ah